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Recei­ve finan­cial sup­port for ener­gy saving measures.

ISUM meets the requi­re­ments of the 
Ger­man Ener­gy Saving Ordi­nan­ce (EnEV ) in all are­as of app­li­ca­ti­on and is the­re­fo­re eli­gi­ble for grants.

The deve­lo­p­ment of ISUM insu­la­ti­on mate­ri­als was spe­ci­fi­cal­ly pro­mo­ted by the BMWi (Federal Minis­try of Eco­no­mic Affairs & Ener­gy). What is reflec­ted does not need to be insu­la­ted — and ISUM has a reflec­tance of 96 %.

This also means that the U‑values of the insu­la­ted com­pon­ents repre­sent an eli­gi­ble con­struc­tion. Whe­ther KfW loan or cash sub­s­idy for a reno­va­ti­on mea­su­re: enqui­re about the pos­si­bi­li­ties and con­ta­ct us. We will be hap­py to put you in touch with ener­gy con­sul­tants who will review your pro­ject for finan­cial support.

Energy saving measures with IsumFor an ener­gy saving mea­su­re that is dou­bly worthwhile. Con­tem­pora­ry insu­la­ti­on — money saved!

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Atten­ti­on ener­gy con­sul­tants — plan ISUM with Hott­gen­roth software!

Making effi­ci­ent use of sub­s­idy pro­gram­mes for your advi­so­ry clients

Ener­gy con­sul­tants and engi­nee­ring offices alrea­dy find ISUM pro­ducts in Hott­gen­roth soft­ware. With excel­lent U‑values and high ener­gy saving poten­ti­als, ISUM insu­la­ti­on has mas­si­ve savings in space and pro­ces­sing time over con­ven­tio­nal pro­ducts. Also, and espe­cial­ly in com­bi­na­ti­on with clas­si­cal insu­la­ti­on tech­ni­ques, the grea­test space and cost savings can be achie­ved. Cal­cu­la­te now in com­pa­ri­son to con­ven­tio­nal volu­me insu­la­ti­on and deter­mi­ne savings in ener­gy, space requi­re­ments and cus­to­mer investment.

The use of ISUM pro­ducts is eli­gi­ble for grants in accordance with EnEV for reno­va­tions, and ful­fils the cri­te­ria for grants and loans for the ener­gy moder­ni­sa­ti­on of exis­ting pro­per­ties. ISUM is hap­py to offer trai­ning and con­sul­ting to get to know and plan the use of the product.

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