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ISUM MF14 – the inno­va­ti­ve ener­gy-saving, mul­ti­func­tio­n­al way. Noti­ce­ab­ly war­mer in win­ter and signi­fi­cant­ly coo­ler in sum­mer. The uni­que sel­ling point of ISUM MF14 is its14-lay­er struc­tu­re (hybrid con­struc­tion). The two outer sur­faces each con­sist of a fab­ric-rein­for­ced and alu­mi­num-coated poly­es­ter film and have an infra­red reflec­ti­ve pro­per­ty. Sand­wi­ched bet­ween them are 4 poly­es­ter foils that are metal­li­sed on both sides, sepa­ra­ted by 2 lay­ers of poly­es­ter fleece and/or 6 of fle­xi­ble poly­ethy­le­ne foam. This struc­tu­re pre­vents ther­mal radia­ti­on from pene­tra­ting the hybrid mate­ri­al, reflec­ting it inwards or out­wards, depen­ding on the direc­tion of irra­dia­ti­on. You can read more about this in the glos­sa­ry under Emis­si­on coef­fi­ci­ent ε, which for ISUM M14 is εi = 0.04, as recent­ly tes­ted and repeated­ly veri­fied by the Fraun­ho­fer Insti­tu­te for Buil­ding Phy­sics IBP Stutt­gart: test report no. P15-085.1/2017 of 2.5.2017. This emis­si­on coef­fi­ci­ent cor­re­sponds to a reflec­tance of 96%.

Schaubild - Dämmung vs Wärmeisolierung

Cold & heat insu­la­ti­on In con­junc­tion with tra­di­tio­nal insu­la­ti­on mate­ri­als and insu­la­ting com­pon­ents, ISUM MF14 hel­ps to “slow down” the com­po­nent-spe­ci­fic heat flow in both direc­tions to 4% (in sum­mer and win­ter con­di­ti­ons). A reduc­tion in trans­mis­si­on heat loss of up to 96% can thus be assu­med in win­ter, and in sum­mer a reduc­tion in solar heat input of up to 96%. The effec­ti­ve­ness of ISUM MF14 depends on the buil­ding-spe­ci­fic struc­tu­ral and cli­ma­tic con­di­ti­ons. The decisi­ve fac­tor is tech­ni­cal­ly pre­cise instal­la­ti­on as heat insu­la­ti­on sur­roun­ded by air on both sides.

It is true to say: Ener­gy that is reflec­ted does not have to be insu­la­ted against

Cold and heat insulation - roof

Patent & Research

  • The patent was gran­ted by the Euro­pean Patent Office on 28.07.2016 under file num­ber 2 705 198.
  • The Ger­man Patent Office gran­ted the patent on 19.12.2019 under file num­ber 10 2011 075 374.
  • Coope­ra­ti­on agree­ment with the Insti­tu­te of Heat and Mass Trans­fer (WSA) of RWTH Aachen University.
  • Sta­te of know­ledge / publi­ca­ti­on in buil­ding phy­sics The fol­lowing paper was publis­hed in Bau­phy­sik maga­zi­ne, 35: 225–234. DOI: 10.1002/BAPI: 201310071 on the topic: Inves­ti­ga­ti­on of the insu­la­ti­on effect of ther­mal insu­la­ti­on mate­ri­als with infra­red reflec­ting sur­faces. (Aut­hors: Al-Sibai, F., Hil­lema­cher, B., Burg­hold, M. and Kne­er, R. (2013)
  • The Federal Minis­try of Eco­no­mics and Tech­no­lo­gy (BMWi) pro­vi­ded fun­ding for the joint rese­arch pro­ject as part of the “Cen­tral Inno­va­ti­on Pro­gram for SMEs (ZIM)”.

Appro­val, tests, calculations

  • DIBT Ger­man Insti­tu­te for Buil­ding Tech­no­lo­gy, Berlin:
  • Fraun­ho­fer Insti­tu­te for Struc­tu­ral Phy­sics (IBP), Stuttgart
  • Mate­ri­al Exami­na­ti­on Office North Rhi­ne-West­pha­lia (MPA NRW), Erwitte
  • en2Aix – ener­gy engi­nee­ring Aachen GmbH, Aachen
  • Bava­ri­an Cent­re for App­lied Ener­gy Rese­arch, Würzburg
  • Engi­nee­ring office for high fre­quen­cy, micro­wa­ve and radar tech­no­lo­gy, Bad Tölz, (Prof. P. Pau­li, Uni­ver­si­ty of the Federal Armed For­ces, Munich)
  • Hottgenroth/U‑Therm cal­cu­la­ti­on pro­gram for plan­ners, archi­tects and ener­gy con­sul­tants (based on publi­ca­ti­on in Bau­phy­sik maga­zi­ne 8/2013)
  • Swiss Asso­cia­ti­on of Engi­neers and Archi­tects SIA 279 2013
  • Dut­ch Bureau CRG 20181170GGBKUW / 23.08.2018
Cold and heat insulation

Sim­ply smar­ter and more effec­ti­ve: approx. 10 mm ISUM repla­ces up to 120 mm of con­ven­tio­nal insu­la­ti­on mate­ri­al (depen­ding on the instal­la­ti­on situation)

Dimen­si­ons Nomi­nal thickness: 11.4 mm
(Instal­la­ti­on thic­kness 7–20 mm)
Deli­very thickness 7 mm
Nomi­nal width 1200 mm
Nomi­nal length 10 m**
Ther­mal resis­tance R Test value 0.527 (m²K/W)
Ther­mal resis­tance R Rated value 0.48 (m²K/W)
Instal­la­ti­on thic­kness approx. 7 – 20 mm
Equi­va­lent to lamb­da λ Test value 0.021 W/mK
Equi­va­lent to lamb­da λ Rated value 0.024 W/mK
Ten­si­le strength  Value 330 kPa
Water vapor permeability  ISUM MF 14 Sd 60 e Open seam
ISUM MF 14 Sd> 1,500 e Taped seam*
ISUM MF 14M (per­fo­ra­ted) Sd> 1 e Open seam
Reflec­tion value ε 0.05 (-) +/- 0.03 radia­ti­on of the amount of heat on the sur­face! The reflec­ti­ve lay­ers of ISUM M14 and ISUM M14M pre­vent up to 96% of the ther­mal radia­ti­on from pene­tra­ting the material.
* with ISUM alu­mi­num adhe­si­ve tape ** gross