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ISUM Insulation - Order samples

The inno­va­ti­ve insu­la­ti­on for buildings.

ISUM — the space-saving, extra-thin insu­la­ti­on. For roof, wall and floor. For pro­tec­tion against heat, cold and elec­tro­smog. Insu­la­te thin — ins­tead of thick.

ISUM is an approx. 10 mm thin, fle­xi­ble insu­la­ti­on mate­ri­al con­sis­ting of 14 lay­ers of foil. It achie­ves its high insu­la­ti­on values through reflec­ti­ve lay­ers. For the ener­gy-saving insu­la­ti­on of buil­dings in accordance with the Ener­gy Saving Ordi­nan­ce GEG (form­er­ly EnEV). ISUM – keeps the insu­la­ti­on flat and cos­ts under control.


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Attrac­ti­ve through advan­ce­ment. Insu­la­te in a con­tem­pora­ry way and save money with ISUM.

ISUM – the extra thin, inno­va­ti­ve insulation 

Our insu­la­ti­on alter­na­ti­ve repla­ces up to 120 mm thick con­ven­tio­nal insu­la­ti­on mate­ri­al (depen­ding on the instal­la­ti­on situa­ti­on) and saves a lot of space, time and cos­ts, even in com­bi­na­ti­on with con­ven­tio­nal insulation.

Isolierung - Reflexion

Low mate­ri­al thic­kness, thanks to reflec­tion with the same ener­gy-saving performance

Isolierung - Funktionen

2‑in‑1 insu­la­ti­on: vapour bar­ri­er or sar­king mem­bra­ne auto­ma­ti­cal­ly integrated

Isolierung - Verarbeitung

Simp­le, quick and clean pro­ces­sing by a spe­cia­list or do-it-yourself

Isolierung - Ersparnis

Saves space, time and cos­ts. Less mate­ri­al, less assem­bly time, less space consumption